Telesoft is now MDSL. Learn More

Telesoft is now MDSL

Telesoft is now MDSL

We are delighted to announce that Telesoft has now been combined with MDSL, following a strategic investment by Sumeru Equity Partners (SEP). The combination of our organizations will increase scale, global delivery capability and continue to emphasize our core value of outstanding customer service.

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Does Your TEM Job Posting Sound Like This?

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Candidate needs experience in telecom, IT and finance. Must be a tireless, exceptional person, with superior project management and analytical skills. We need a quick learner, able to easily navigate and seamlessly juggle relationships internally and with multiple service providers.

Job Requirements

Candidate is primarily responsible for:

  • Placing and expediting orders on services for new sites and arrange to move or disconnect all services when locations are closed as requested
  • Validating all fixed and mobile charges, across all divisions and locations, on monthly, bi-monthly or quarterly basis as specified
  • Processing invoices in a timely manner to avoid late payment penalties
  • Following-up and tracking payments as providers may credit payments to the wrong invoice
  • Managing the complex “chargeback” process to departments and business units in conjunction with invoice processing role, including mobile expenses which must be “charged-back” to individual employees
  • Providing departments and managers reports to interpret spending patterns and analytics

Post-asset management, services validation and invoice processing responsibilities, Candidate must complete comparative analyses of invoices to contracts and other special pricing arrangements. Candidate will document all billing errors and disputes, in a timely manner, with applicable service providers. In many cases, service providers deny claims that are due. As a result, Candidate is responsible for actively managing each dispute until resolution (which usually occurs within 3-6 months). If escalation is required, Candidate will manage entire process, with multiple contacts at each service provider, as applicable, until resolution.

As illustrated above, staffing for your TEM program team can present…challenges. In our experience, organizations prefer to have key talent focused on producing revenue and driving competitive advantage. A better approach for many organizations is outsourcing. In fact, outsourcing TEM can provide enterprises with significant advantages:

  • Spending less on telecom services
  • Securing refunds/credits for billing errors
  • Cutting future spending with cost avoidance
    • Eliminating unused services
    • Optimizing existing services
    • Receiving better rates though quote requests
    • Reductions in consumption with “chargebacks”
  • Firms gain access to exceptional capabilities
  • Increased labor efficiencies automating manual processes
    • Automating procurement, inventory management, invoice management and validation
    • Internal resources can be released for income producing projects and areas where they add more value
  • Unifying disparate processes and improving collaboration
    • Consistent application of procurement policies
  • Better information to make smarter decisions
  • Gaining control, more visibility

End-to-end management of a TEM program internally is difficult on many levels. Should you determine outsourcing is the best next step for your firm, the right TEM outsourcing partner has well established, productive relationships service providers and can find you savings you didn’t even know you were missing—often offering a huge return on investment.  It’s one of many compelling reasons TEM is such a great candidate for outsourcing.